The "SCHOLZ CLASSIC" (A.K.A) Sugar Cone 12" 100 watt, 8 or 16 ohm guitar speakers are priced $250.00ea. Approximate weight 11.50 lbs (Limited production) This is the only speaker designed by George Scholz. If you don’t see the GOLD “S”? We had nothing to do with it. Please make a permanent note: As of 3/18/11 The Scholz Sugar Cone will be referred to as the "SCHOLZ CLASSIC" in past or present referrals. The Sugar Cone name was used to market our Scholz Classic speaker by another company which no longer represents this speaker. Remember look for the GOLD "S" dust cap to be sure it was designed by "George Scholz". All our equipment is hand built to order right here in the U.S. . OUT OF STOCK….BUT WILL BE BACK SOON ALONG WITH ANOTHER NEW GEORGE SCHOLZ SPECTACULAR DESIGN SO HANG IN THERE!!!


Scholz 12"


The Scholz 12 Guitar Speaker
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